It is that time of year again that we see so many people depressed from being alone or just very poor. We should try to help these people every day but these holidays are especially hard. Every where we look we see happy people and lots of sales advertising telling us we should be spending loads of money that we probably cant afford. It can be very depressing for many underprivelaged folks and even our military long ways away from home as well as our emergency personnel working for our safety on holidays. I am just reminding each and everyone to remember someone this holiday that maybe you haven’t thought about lately. We can help in our local communities or maybe you have someone in your own family that might appreciate something as simple as a phone call. Maybe that someone in your life that your relationship is tenious at best, a simple word or gesture could fix things.I will be posting some addresses of national places that you might want to help. Some take only a $1 card from your local dollar store. this simple jesture could lift their spirits so very much. I will be posting these regular thru out this season of healing and giving. The first I would like to highlight is the following. A simple thank you card could do so very much for a recovering veteran. you may never hear back from them in writing but rest assured your card will be greatly appreciated. the address is as follows:  A recovering American soldier  c/o walter reed army med ctr     6900 Georgia ave.  n.w. Washington,dc 20307-5001

ministry news today

Wishing all of you a Happy and Blessed Lords day.Been pretty eventful week here in florida.First brother doug and sister julie are backout on the road again. He is delivering Wednesday night messages from somewhere usa.That is how this ministry started all those years ago before deb and I moved here to florida. In fact tonight will be the last sunday night message from here in florida for a couple of weeks.Deb and I are going on a short vacation to Arkansas for high school graduation ofone of our grandson also we will be for the firs time meeting atwo new granddaughters and 2 great grandchildren. We are excited and feel so blessed!
I am always amazed at how GOD IS USING THIS MINISTRY. Just this week a gentleman called and got my voicemail and on there heard tha I am a pastor, it turns out that he is a pastor also, He is really interested in how our ministry works. I am really looking forward to meeting with him and studying GODS WORD. This week brother Ronnie and sister violet were also here foe a visit. First time I saw them since before super bowl sunday and it was the first time sister deb met them.We had a wonderful visit. They practiced calling in on our church service and recording phone lines so they can now call in live.Also brother Ronnie and sister violet carried our first cd”s out to trk stops. We are excited about that and thank them for helping us to get our ministry back out there.
Tonight church lesson will be called”Dont ask me why”We look forward to meeting you there. Service starts at 7pm central time or 8pm eastern time.God bless all of you.