Each week we bring our prayer requests to the conference call during the discussion time. Afterwards, Pastor Bob starts the recording and brings the message. This page will be for Posting those prayer requests so that those who were not able to be on the call can see them and those who were on the call can be reminded during the week.



President and country

Debbie is now finalizing the Estate

Chuck still in hospital but better

Brandi is still pregnant Praise God!

Pat and Sandy medical

Doug his schedule and taking care of Julie

Donna and Melvin

Derek and Glenna

Maria in Florida -medical and Carlos

Theresa and Tom in Florida

Please keep the Ridley Family in your prayers


President and our GovernmentLeaders

Doug andJulie

Jack and Sandy

Debby Estate Finalizing

Theresa doing great

Chuck still in thehospital but doin better

Brandi, still pregnant

George, Carlos Boss, Mom
is very ill back in Uraguay

liz Clark,Breathing Problems.

Maria Martin bloodclot in left arm.

Leslie in the finalstages of breast cancer

Melvin and Donna for business and ministry.

Shirely (In PAIN) and Doug

Pat for volunteering in a huge Vacation Bible School effort in her brick and mortar church

Pray for last few VBS programs that they touch the lives of so many children and their families

Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:51-54


Sandy not in the hospital for two weeks without pain

Jack for singing a special song for Shirley(Just As I Am) on the recording hoping to ease her pain a bit bring her joy at least

Elizabeth her cancer is still in remission










New question of the month:  In Revelation, what happened to the sea when the 2nd bowl was poured in?

There will be no regular Tuesday or Wednesday night meetings until further notice.

Pastor Bob told us about a new app for our phones that allows you to get into contact with churches and christian-run businesses in any area you find your self in in the US. It is called CIB

Don’t forget:

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