Thoughts from the Pastor

It has been a truly eventful Holiday Season around here, for sure. We retired from work on October 1, 2021 traveled 1200 miles home to Texas. We accepted Pastorship of a wonderful church in Woodsboro, Texas on October 3,2021. ( our 37th wedding anniversary). It is always hectic at first taking over Pastorship of a church that is new to you. But to do it during end of year holidays can sometimes be especially challenging. I have to say we have been highly blessed in this church. The core church family is so very loving and supportive. I have to leave you at this point. I will write more later. May God Bless You All


It is a wet cool feeling Saturday here in The Coastal Bend of Texas. Great News! Our own Madilyn graduated from Coliege in Kingsville, Texas Yesterday. We are so very proud of her. She has studied so very hard and Happy 26th Birthday to her as well.


It was a wet windy Saturday yesterday in our part of Texas. We had our annual Christmas on the town square. We were out in the weather all day visiting folks and representing our local church, FAITH UNITED CHURCH OF WOODSBORO, TEXAS. We had a wonderful time sharing Christ with everyone.


This is how I feel sometimes. I have been kept so very busy since February. On February 1, 2021 I had heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve in my heart with a metal valve.( yes I click) Then trying to slow down long enough to heal while still working my old job 18 hours a day. Then on Oct 3, 2021 I retired and relocated to our home state of Texas and became Pastor of Woodsboro, Texas Faith United Church as well still being Pastor of Traveling 4 Christ Ministry. Busy, busy, busy. I am finding that I am still kot fully healed from my heart surgery. However…God is Still In Control!!!!! I plan to publish more regularly on here for you all. May God Bless You All