Wow! Once again we reach the anniversary of Our Lord’s Ascension. How did we get here? When I study our Bible it can seem like only yesterday that he actually returned to heaven. He left us some great instructions that he needs us to carry out for him. He asked us to go throughout this old world teaching everything that he taught us, bringing people into the family of Christ by teaching them. When they accept Christ as their Savior then we are to Baptize then in the name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Only then can they receive God’s Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is how Jesus and God talk yo us every day. What a wonderful thing to be able to talk to Jesus whenever you need to and even expect an answer from him! Wow!


It has been a busy but rewarding weekend. Wife and I went to county fair and worked concession booth with Lions Club then visited with a little girl from our church as she was exercising her show pigs. That was Thursday then we went back to fair on Friday and watched pig judging where our little friend earned 3 custom belt buckles for her pigs placed so high in the competition. Then Friday nite we attended the Rodeo as the same young girl participated in the All Girls Horse Drill Team. She was fantastic! Was so much fun but this preacher is very tired! I am resting today then two church services tomoro. God gives me the energy that I need to keep up.


This pastor is constantly amazed at God’s handiwork. Even though I know that God can do anything he so puts his mind to. This week is so amazing, sometimes I just have to sit back be quiet and do what Psalms 46:10 says; BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

This week we have a new family coming to church. The first day the mother gave her life to God. So awesome seeing this family’s lives changing. Also, another mom of one of our members committed to begin attending regularly and learning more about God. Three of our elderly church sisters are better medically and back in church.

Our Sunday adult Bible Class teacher is away in Washington state where his father I a ailing and near death. We keep his family in prayer. After dad passes into the hands of God’s protection our teacher will be coming home to Texas and more good news! His brother and sister in law will be moving here to Texas to be near all of us and hopefully joining us in church. GOD IS AWESOME!


I pray that today has felt blessed for all our readers wherever they may be. I would like to share a story of God answering prayer here in Texas last nite.

Some Dear Friends were coming home from shopping about 25 miles from home. Their mini van blew a steer tire and found themselves sitting on side of the highway with their 2 year old son in the van. This couple found that they didn’t have a jack. They begin praying for help from God( keep in mind this couple have only recently begun attending church and they both work hard at learning God’s word and applying it to their family and personals lives.)As I said they began praying for help and a matter of a few minutes a gentleman came out from his house to check on them. About the same time a tire company tire service truck stopped to help. Needless say the tire was changed out and this family got home safe.

This couple is telling me ( and anyone that will listen) that if you really believe on Christ Jesus and his Father they do and will take care of you( in this case they sent help to a stranded family).

What a testimony. Praise God


I am so glad to be HOME in TEXAS after being gone for so many years. ( 36 years.) I had forgotten how cold we can get in Texas. We don’t get very much snow in Texas but we freeze up. Lotta Ice in winter time. The best part of all this cold is that it doesn’ t normally last very long. I am fascinated with snow as long as I am watching it on television and not trying to drive in it.


Some time back I ordered a copy of The GENEVA BIBLE. This is the first English language bible and the Bible that established chapters and verses. My copy arrived today. I have nany translations of our Bible. I find it fascinating to see how much that languages have changed over the years. For instance, take the King James Bible. Today’s version is written in today’s language. I venture to guess if most King James readers today could see an original 1611 version they probably would have a hard time understanding the language used at that time. I love our Christian Bible in whatever translation I can get it in. Well I need go to sleep so I will finish this later. Until then may God bless you all. Good nite from Pastor Bob