Good Morning World

Good morning world. I remember a a little boy many years ago in America that was a title of a famous comic strip that my late father followed in the local news paper. I never understood the title way back then.

Nowadays at my older age and the news has expanded beyond our small town newspapers, our world seems in such a worse place than it was all those years ago. I don’t believe our world is much worse. It is just that we see more news from around the world these days.

Some say we are better informed. But, I believe we are simply more stressed due to this more knowledge thing. Back then we still had problems but they were more localized.

People are always talking bout the good old days. We had problems then like we do today. We were just more localized than we are now. Nowadays if we have a local problem it seems that the whole world gets involved. It causes lots of stress that we used to deal with differently..

Nowadays if a criminal does something bad our news tends to make a hero out of the bad guy on a very public platform. This, encouraging others like them to copycat the bad guys. I remember a time bad guys were dealt with at a very local level and much more quietly. We seemed to have a lot less stress.

I pray daily wishing to go back to thst world, alas, it seems gone forever. Each morning I arise and say Good Morning World what are we in for today? Each day I look forward to that place described in our Bibles. That place of Peace and Love