When you witness to someone about Jesus, or if you help someone in need and they are not even a little bit thankful. If you help them improve improve something in their lives and they don’t seem interested in keeping up the improvements,no matter how simple it would be keeping up, do you just give up? Do you get frustrated and throw up your hands?

Do you get so frustrated that you even forget pray for them? It is always amazing how fast that we as humans can forget how much God has given us in our lives,how many times he has picked us up when we fall, how many opportunities he has put in front of us and how many times we fail to grab hold of these opportunities.

Yet, we tell ourselves that we will pray for, or help some down trodden person one time and when it doesn’t seem to help we just give up on them.

Oh: how soon we can forget how God is faithful with us day after day. We expect God to be there anytime we seem to need him but we don’t have patience for another one of his children that is just important to Hod as each one of us are.