This pastor is constantly amazed at God’s handiwork. Even though I know that God can do anything he so puts his mind to. This week is so amazing, sometimes I just have to sit back be quiet and do what Psalms 46:10 says; BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

This week we have a new family coming to church. The first day the mother gave her life to God. So awesome seeing this family’s lives changing. Also, another mom of one of our members committed to begin attending regularly and learning more about God. Three of our elderly church sisters are better medically and back in church.

Our Sunday adult Bible Class teacher is away in Washington state where his father I a ailing and near death. We keep his family in prayer. After dad passes into the hands of God’s protection our teacher will be coming home to Texas and more good news! His brother and sister in law will be moving here to Texas to be near all of us and hopefully joining us in church. GOD IS AWESOME!

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