I pray that today has felt blessed for all our readers wherever they may be. I would like to share a story of God answering prayer here in Texas last nite.

Some Dear Friends were coming home from shopping about 25 miles from home. Their mini van blew a steer tire and found themselves sitting on side of the highway with their 2 year old son in the van. This couple found that they didn’t have a jack. They begin praying for help from God( keep in mind this couple have only recently begun attending church and they both work hard at learning God’s word and applying it to their family and personals lives.)As I said they began praying for help and a matter of a few minutes a gentleman came out from his house to check on them. About the same time a tire company tire service truck stopped to help. Needless say the tire was changed out and this family got home safe.

This couple is telling me ( and anyone that will listen) that if you really believe on Christ Jesus and his Father they do and will take care of you( in this case they sent help to a stranded family).

What a testimony. Praise God