I am so glad to be HOME in TEXAS after being gone for so many years. ( 36 years.) I had forgotten how cold we can get in Texas. We don’t get very much snow in Texas but we freeze up. Lotta Ice in winter time. The best part of all this cold is that it doesn’ t normally last very long. I am fascinated with snow as long as I am watching it on television and not trying to drive in it.


Some time back I ordered a copy of The GENEVA BIBLE. This is the first English language bible and the Bible that established chapters and verses. My copy arrived today. I have nany translations of our Bible. I find it fascinating to see how much that languages have changed over the years. For instance, take the King James Bible. Today’s version is written in today’s language. I venture to guess if most King James readers today could see an original 1611 version they probably would have a hard time understanding the language used at that time. I love our Christian Bible in whatever translation I can get it in. Well I need go to sleep so I will finish this later. Until then may God bless you all. Good nite from Pastor Bob

Thoughts from the Pastor

It has been a truly eventful Holiday Season around here, for sure. We retired from work on October 1, 2021 traveled 1200 miles home to Texas. We accepted Pastorship of a wonderful church in Woodsboro, Texas on October 3,2021. ( our 37th wedding anniversary). It is always hectic at first taking over Pastorship of a church that is new to you. But to do it during end of year holidays can sometimes be especially challenging. I have to say we have been highly blessed in this church. The core church family is so very loving and supportive. I have to leave you at this point. I will write more later. May God Bless You All