Thoughts From Senior Pastor Bob

Good evening to all on this remembrance Sunday. It was 25 years ago this very day when that horrible tragedy unfolded in Oklahoma City. It showed the worst of man and yet the best of mankind that day. I as a Man of God still pray for peace for all souls involved that day. Those that went home to our Lord as well as all the workers and yes even the ones who made it happen . We are ALL Children of Our Most High God even though we mess up(sometimes terribly).

OnĀ  this Sunday I invite all to call in to our live service and learn how we are all children as well as messengers for Our Lord God thru his son Jesus Christ even though we sometimes don’ realize that we are messengers for him.

at 8pm eastern time in the USA simply dial 774 220 4000 and when asked just enter conference number 842646#. You will believe in service with us. May God Bless You All.