I JOHN- John, the beloved disciple, who wrote the fourth Gospel, also wrote these next three letters. The first letter was written to warn Christians about the dangerous false teachers who were trying to mislead them. They were teaching that the man Jesus was not the Christ, the Son of God. They said that God did not become a man. John wrote about how important it is to know and believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man. He said Christians can know they are God’s children if they love one another and if they obey God’s commands.


2 JOHN- John wrote this letter to “the chosen lady that her children.” He might have meant either a Christian woman and her family or a church and its members. In this letter John wrote how important it is for Christians to love one another He said that to love means to obey God’s commandments, and God’s commandments tell us to live lives of love. John also warned about the dangers of false teachers.

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