It’s All Connected!

  • Sometimes when I am having fun doing nothing important and find the time has come for me to have to get back to life’s duties like work or some obligation, I say to myself, “Well, it’s time to get back to reality.” Escaping from the drudgeries of life is refreshing…we all need it.  We need a good night’s sleep everyday to refresh our mind and body; we need nourishment to feel strong; we need to take care of ourselves to look presentable and to feel confident; we need recreation to find balance in life; and we need to communicate and relate with others to feel connected.  We especially need to relate with God every day, taking time to pray and in fact to do so without ceasing.  Doing so elevates every activity of life, the fun stuff and the drudgeries, and makes it holy.  When you consecrate everything and everyone to the Lord in prayer, you are connecting the eternal reality with this world’s reality.  You don’t have to be on your knees and formally praying to God.  Just in your thoughts addressed to him let your requests be made known.  Tell how thankful you are.  Tell him how wonderful he is….even though he already knows that, it helps you to say and remember how wonderful he is.`  The Lord wants us to think on things that eternal and see all of life through his eyes, as he reveals himself in the Bible.  When you do that everything looks different.  It’s like putting on new glasses and discovering you can see so much better!  
  • As I write this I don’t know if anyone will read it, or if they do if it will matter very much at all to them.  But if you are reading this, let me say to you to never think that not communicating the glories of God is acceptable.  You know why?  Because every one of his children love to talk about God just as much as you do and are thrilled to read what others say about the glory of God.  God is the one who opens hearts so we can hear his word.  He is the one who brings people together to hear his word.  He is the one who forms relationships. And he is the one who brings spiritual fruit from your labors.  Jesus said if you abide in him, you will bear much fruit and that apart from him you can do nothing.  So don’t worry about whether what you say is important to others or not or if it can help them in any way.  Communicating the glories of God is always timely and will always be blessed by God.  May God bless you today!
    Pastor Greg

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