Happy New Year!

My prayer today is inspired by a song I just heard on the radio. Be Still. Wait on the Lord to move. As I listened, I knew that I was rushing through traffic to reach my destination at the appointed time for lab work. It really hit home that in my rush, I was stressing myself and others on the road with my lane changes and turns. Hmmm… Are we not rushing through life the same way? Are we missing the sights and experiences along the way or lessons to be learned, perhaps even joys and miracles along the way? Yes, we are! You see Heaven is not just a destination to rush toward, rather a reward for the journey! It is the life lessons learned along the journey that are the purpose in this life. If you rush and miss them, you may hit a rocky detour and lose your way. You may even reach the destination to be turned away for not staying the course and learning the answers to the question at the end of the journey. Of course there is a test! Of course you have to answer correctly. You will have your life graded for the right and wrong choices you have made along your journey. God wants us to be still and wait on Him to keep us on course and finding the answers as we go through life. Please slow down. Please wait on the Lord to lead and guide you at every turn. Enjoy your journey! Thank you Lord for giving me hope and direction at every turn and keeping me on my path to You! I pray in the name of the Son Jesus! Amen

Sister Debbie

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