I TIMOTHY–Timothy was a young friend of Paul who became a Christian on Paul’s first missionary journey. He went with Paul on his second missionary journey and from then on he helped Paul in his work. At that time Paul wrote this letter, Timothy was working as the teacher and leader of the church at Ephesus. Timothy was young to have the important job of leading a church. Paul wrote to give him help and advice for his work. This letter teaches how people in the church should act and what kind of leaders a church should have.


II TIMOTHY– when Paul wrote this second letter to Timothy, he was a prisoner in Rome again. He knew that there was no chance of getting out and that he would be killed soon. He wanted to encourage Timothy because Timothy would have to continue Paul’s missionary work after Paul’s death. Paul gave Timothy more instructions on how to lead a church. He told him to resist false teachers and to be faithful to true Christian teachings.

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