Almost Christmas!

Christmas Day will be here soon! Stop and smell the hot cocoa or spiced apple cider! Listen for the beautiful Christmas carols on the TV and radio and in all the stores. You are especially blessed when the traditional songs relating the Christmas miracle and the Heavenly Gift from God are playing! Oh, and the holiday scents of Christmas trees and sweet cakes or pies or candies and the turkey roasting are definitely a blessing for our spirits. So much goodness and generosity spilling over among family, friends, and community as we attend the special activities that bring us all together to share a special bond. It is Christmas Magic, Christmas Spirit, and the Christmas Miracle!

That is quite a wrapup party for a year ending and another beginning. May you all be safe and loved and loving others! Merry Christmas to each and every one of you from our hearts to yours!

Pastor Bob and Sister Deb

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