I THESSALONIANS– Paul started the church at Thessalonica on his second missionary journey. He taught there for about three weeks, but then he had to leave because the Jews were opposing him so strongly. Paul wrote this letter from Corinth to encourage the Thessalonians and to teach them more about Christianity. He praised them for being brave and not giving up their faith “in spite of severe suffering.” He instructed them “how to live in order to please God.” And he taught them about Jesus’ second coming. He explained that the time of Jesus’ coming was secret, so they should keep on working hard till he came.


II THESSALONIANS–was sent from Corinth a little while after the first letter. Some people had misunderstood Paul and were sure Jesus was coming very soon. They had stopped working and were just waiting for Jesus. Paul told the Thessalonians again what Jesus’ second coming would be like. He reminded them to keep working hard till Jesus came.

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