I CORINTHIANS– was written by Paul from Ephesus, where he has heard disturbing news about the church at Corinth. The Christians there were not getting along with one another–they were taking sides. And some of them were living sinful lives. Paul wrote this letter to scold them and teach them how Christians should act. Corinth was a wicked city. It was hard for the Christians there not to act like there neighbors. In this letter Paul was trying to teach practical lessons about the Christian life so they would know right from wrong.


2CORINTHIANS– When the Corinthians got Paul’s first letter, some of the people became angry. But most of them knew that what they were doing was wrong. The sent news to Paul that they would change their behavior. The first part of this letter tells how happy and thankful Paul was when he heard that the Corinthians were sorry for the way they had acted and were now trying to live the way God wanted them to. In the second part of the letter, Paul defended himself against the people who were angry with hin and who were saying unture things about him.

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