Holiday Angels

I was shopping in a local store today and noticed a brightly decorated huge Christmas tree at the entrance. I stopped to admire the big tree and feel the Christmas spirit. On that tree were hung white paper slips with angel sketches on every one of them. Upon a closer look, I discovered that each slip of paper held a child’s name and appropriate clothing and shoe sizes plus some gifts this child was wishing for. It was an Angel Tree and sponsored by the Salvation Army for families who were unable to buy gifts for their children for Christmas! Imagine my excitement as I set about shopping for the little girl whose slip I had chosen. A toy here and there were found from her list asking for a baby doll and cars. Next we looked for the clothing and shoes according to her size on that list. Our heart was warming with each item that went in the basket. When we think we have nothing to give, we are wrong. There is always something to give. You see, from whom much has been given, much is going to be required. Open up your heart and give back something more than you intended to someone who has less than you have been blessed with. Be a blessing to others as you have been blessed. That is the Spirit we should share with others this Christmas season! May you all take this to heart and rejoice and be glad that our Saviour lives!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you out there!

Sister Debbie

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