LETTERS– Except for the last book, Revelation, the rest of the New Testament is made up of letters written by leaders of the early church to local churches and individuals. There are twenty-one letters- thirteen were written by Paul, one (Hebrews) is anonymous, one is by James and two by Peter, three by John, and one by Jude.


ROMANS–Paul probably wrote this letter to the Romans at the end of his third missionary journey. He was returning to Jerusalem, and then he planned to visit Rome and go on to Spain (Romans 15:23-25) The theme of the this letter is righteousness. Paul taught that !) no human being is righteous; 2)Jesus Christ is perfectly righteous; 3)If we have faith in Jesus, we are freed from the power of sin, a new life, and returned to a right relationship with God; 4)we should live Christian lives that are “holy and pleasing to God.”

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