The next five books of the Old Testament are books of poetry and wisdom. Hebrew poetry often uses pairs of lines. The second line either repeats the thought of the first or gives an opposite. Look for these pairs of lines as you read, especially in the book of Psalms.


JOB–is named for its chief character, a “blameless and upright” man who was very rich. Even after losing everything he owned and suffering from a terrible sickness. Job still was devoted to God. The book of Job questions the reasons for suffering, especially the suffering of good people. Job’s friends insisted he was suffering as a punishment for his sin. He defended his innocence and expressed his trust in God. Then God spoke and showed his mighty power. Job finally admitted that God is too great and wonderful for us to understand.


PSALMS–is one of the most beautiful books of the Bible. The psalms are poems of praise, worship, thankfulness, and repentance. Many of them were written by King David. The rest were written by the sons of Korah, Solomon, Moses, and other people.


PROVERBS– is a collection of wise sayings and good advice for daily living. The book begins by reminding us that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” (Proverbs 1:7). Many of these proverbs came from King Solomon. Others were copied by the men of Hezekiah. Agur and Lemuel wrote the last two chapters.


ECCLESIASTES–studies the meaning of life. The “Teacher” looks at wisdom, pleasure, work, power, riches, religion, and other things. He decides that all of life is meaningless and empty without God.


SONG OF SONGS–is a collection of love poems between a lover and his beloved. Its a beautiful picture of ideal human love and marriage.

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