We as humans seem to ask this a lot in our lives. Especially at those times when God is letting us be tested. I am not going to quote a lot of great scriptures on this subject, although I certainly could. Surely, most would expect any Pastor( especially the director of Pastors for a church) to direct you to those  scriptures. Over the many years that I have enjoyed being in God’s Ministry I have learned that lots of people never read those scriptures anyway. They want to be told the story so that they don’t have to extend any energy for God.

It seems that those people like to ask us why things happen to them instead of happening to us. If people really expended as much energy reading about and learning about God they would realize that we ask God this question as much as they do.

This week in our Ministry we have had one of those weeks. We had one sister in Georgia was in the hospital getting two stints put into arteries and another sister in Florida getting a knee replacement and my wife making a very difficult trip to Texas. Now I am on call 24 hrs a day for the next 7 days then my wife and her service dog will be making that very difficult trip home.

This week I am sure several Christians in our Ministry are probably asking God if he is looking at what we are going through this week, never mind next week. Although they know God is watching out for us, as humans we sometimes stumble in our faith then we get back up. Great news both ladies are home from hospital and recuperating. God is there always for us. We will get through this week also. God sometimes let us be challenged so we look back to him for guidance.

We simply need to keep our eyes on God and always remember that God IS ALWAYS THERE AND LOOKING OUT FOR US.

Pastor BOB Director of Ministries

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