In our everyday struggles we often find ourselves challenged beyond what we think we can handle on our own. Some days life is just hard. The older I get the more I understand why older people have said to me things like “I am tired and r eady to go home” or “this world is getting too complicated for me.”¬† As new generations come into this world each has it’s new challenges. Each new thing seems harder than the last especially to older generations of people.

On the other hand, It is often not just older people that feel this way. Anyone can get caught up in this feeling of desperation as it seems life closes in on us. Sometimes it is minor things that seem to just happen then they can blossom into big things often seemingly not leaving us any way out. Sometimes it is big things that seem to hit us all at once. Whichever it is according to Romans 5:5 we always have a way out.

This is Pastor Bob, Lead Pastor at T4C MINISTRY, I am human just like everyone¬† else who reads this blog or joins us in our live service Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern time U.S. by simply calling 774 220 4000 and entering conference number 842646#¬† Ihavethe same feelings of desperation and feelings of being overburdened but I always turn to scripture for God’s reassurance. I really like Romans 5:5.