Now the word disciple refers to a student or apprentice. A disciple is a follower. (luke 6:40 a student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher. Now we are all disciples folks. We are all learning or should be learning how to be great disciples. In (matt 4:19) Jesus said come follow me and I will make you fisher of men.
Now when Jesus called his first disciples, they may not have understood where Jesus would take them or the impact it would have on their lives. But they new what it ment to follow. They took Jesus call literally and began going everywhere He went and doing everything he did.
Now I know we would say that those were different times. REALLY!!! You don’t think they had families jobs hobbies a social life. YES they did.
See today many have come to believe that a person can be a “Christian” without being like Christ. WRONG. A follower that don’t follow. Explain how that makes sense? (Can a person say they are a truck driver with out having a CDL now days? NO so how can you say you are a Christian and not do what Jesus commands? Many have decided to take on the name Christ and nothing else. Hey I got to church I read the Bible. Folks that ain’t enough. You need to get off your backside and actually start doing what Jesus commands of us. To live and preach like Jesus’s disciples did.
Oh wait Preacher if I do that I might get made fun of or loose my friends if I actually were to do that. Guess what one) they wasn’t a true friend. Two) I would rather loose them as a friend and secure my place in heaven by doing what Jesus commands of me . A true disciple preaches talks about Christ and what he did for all of us.
Most people live there lives as so called Christians and do nothing. Except on Sunday. Do you think Jesus’s disciples said ok Rabbi we will do as you instruct us BUT if our friends want us to go drinking or go to a ball game. Well sorry you will have to wait on us. NO!!! Folks you can take every aspect of your life and use it for the glory of God. At a ball game talk to a person and tell them how great your God is and what he does for you and for everyone.
Being a disciple is not part time, it has to be full time all the time.
We need to repent meaning changing the direction of our lives. Jesus was telling people to prepare themselves to change what ever needs to be changed. Because Gods kingdom (the kingdom of heaven) was approaching. So how do we prepare to face this heavenly kingdom? How do we make sure we are at peace with our coming king? REPENT Jesus saids we are to repent. Which means we all need to turn from the way are currently thinking and living. (Romans 3:23) all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God. Christ died for all, you me our children etc. Don’t we owe it to him to be the best disciples we can be. Not part time but full time.
The call to be a disciple is open to everyone, but we don’t get to write our own job description. the choice is yours.

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