too often we get soused to going to the church building and going through an organised church service then we race out to home or wherever we are going to and we call ourselves good Christians totally forgetting the part about being Christ like and seeing people through a clear window like Christ did. Instead we see people as dregs of society or we just don’t have time to even say hello to anyone. never mind saying hello to a stranger. Please click below to hear more


This has been a very busy week for this Pastor, but that is how it goes sometimes. Amid all the visitations that a Pastor does and praying with everyone my wife is still away in Texas trying to settle her late sister’s estate.(since late march) It has truly been stressing but our faith in God has kept us going. My wife had pretty serious cancer surgery back in 2003 and has some emotional issues. She is allowed to have an emotional support animal close to her wherever she goes. Our last Chinese pug dog passed away July 2018 We have waited a full year before even thinking about getting another pet for my wife( I love them too.
A few days ago she called me from Texas saying that someone is selling pug puppies and could she just go and look at them. I told her that she could only have a puppy if it chose her. Well, we now own a black pug puppy named Baby Girl. We are 65 years old and I wasn’t thinking of getting a puppy that will be with us twelve to fifteen years, but as I look at my wife’s face when she is holding and loving that puppy, well..her face says it all. My wife is happy and that makes me happy. well..until next time this is Pastor Bob signing off. May God bless and keep you all safe.


People always tell me they don’ t see God and what do I mean when I say I see God. I didn’ t always see God either. My life is still just as fast paced and jam packed as ever( maybe even more packed). But one day someone showed me how to experience God daily. That lady probably doesn’ t even remember showing me.

She( many years ago) ( i thought that by chance) met came into my life and I felt a tug that I could not explain. Not love or anything like that. But a simplicity of character. Not fake like most people that I dealt with on a daily basis. As I got to know her I wanted to know more and more how a person could be this uncomplicated. She taught me thst if I would slow down and just look at the world differently iI would see something differently. It took me time but I slowly learned to see this great world differently. She and I were driving yesterday evening in south Texas( an areavthat most locals will tell you that is very bland dull looking land) we looked at the most beautiful sunset we have seen in a long time. This is God making this sunset. We spent a while today with a friend who is family to us and we all three were just enjoying being together. God. Sent us his Son to teach us this kind of love. We meet God in every thing we do and every where we go. Sure we have hard days just like anyone else. But it is how we choose to live. We choose to let God live in us in every thing we do. We choose to accept his son Jesus. I am not saying that you don’ t I am saying that if you truly slow down and give your heart and mind rest at least one time each week you too will see and hear God talk to your heart and soul. My friends it is the greatest experience you will ever have.

May God Bless You All. May you all find true peace thru Jesus Christ

Pastor on the road

Good afternoon everyone. My wife and I have been on the road for over a week now. Soon as I am back home next week I will update all our sermons for you all.
We left florida last week on saturday and headed to Tulsa, Ok to visit with Julie and Doug. They need many prayers as Julie goes thru her illness.
After that wonderful visit we Deb and I were in a week long convention in Austin, Tx then to south Texas and visited a wonderful little church in Refugio, Tx. We are now near Corpus Christi, Tx for a few days. Wow! When I write all this down I now understand why I am so tired. Lol
We are praying constantly for you all each and every day. I will post more tomoro.