How to Deal with Conflicts with Others

I am sure that many of you out there have experienced personal conflicts with family or friends and even with strangers. We do not all think alike or respond alike in these situations. That is to be expected when you realize how different we all are and what life events have shaped or changed our way of relating to others. Words are misspoken or misunderstood. Feelings are hurt. Forgiveness is not always so easy.
Now as you think about this, I hope you realize that the key to understanding how these conflicts are best resolved is very simple really. It is a matter of understanding perception. You see, what we see or hear is not always as it seems. What we say or display will often be perceived in a different manner than it was actually intended to be. Our communications fail to connect us and instead disconnect us. I pray that you will bear this in mind in your future conflicts and strive to see the situation in the perspective of others as well as your own. There is not always a clear right and wrong in our conflicts; hence the balancing of opinions in a more forgiving manner, allowing a little grace to enter into the situation for the good of maintaining relationships. This still takes both parties to be willing to sway their perception to something in the middle that allows peace and forgiveness for the sake of continuing the relationship. When it does not end well, do not seek to place blame on the other or feel smug in your attitude that you did your part. Do, however, accept that not all people who come into our life are meant to stay in our life. No blame and no shame, just a part of life’s learning and growing process. I pray this brings you to a place where you can live with whatever outcome is yours and embrace the next opportunity to learn and grow in stature of the Lord.
May the Lord lift us up and above our own worldly perceptions and indeed see through His eyes and seek His wisdom.
Sister Debbie

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

John Wesley

Appropriate devotional for stressful situations when dealing with difficulties with others. Lord God I thank You for Your loving example of how we are to treat others during difficult situations. Let me learn from You and see others through Your eyes. Please give me a heart that forgives and understands that we are all tired and struggling with difficulties in our lives. May I understand wisely and love others more. In Jesus name…Amen


Tonight we were learning that God gave us a life but it is up to us to make it either a good life or a bad life. God has already, long ago given us all the tools we need to make a good life if we want to. Please click on the player below to learn more from the scriptures.
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on July 7,19 Pastor Bob Brought us a message about staying the course with God and his Son Jesus Christ. Paul continously taught about staying on course and do not be drawn off course from our belief in God. Keep our eyes on Heaven and our getting into Heaven thru Jesus Christ. In Philippians Paul used the example of a race. Please click below to hear this message


On Fathers Day 2019 Pastor Bob was given two lessons from God. The first was delivered at Carters Baptist Church in Auburndale, Florida in their morning worship service. You can listen to that service on our blog under that title. the night service in T4C Ministry is included here. simply click the play button below