PrayerDon’t forget to click the link in the menu for the PRAYER REQUEST PAGE and join with us in prayer about the concerns of our friends and loved ones. Add your own in the comment section if you would like us to pray with you. I will post it to the list for you.


Pastor Smith invites anyone in the area to attend services at the New Life Power Outreach Church at 725 Palmetto Street in Bowling Green, Florida.

Services are at 7:30 on Wednesday nights and 11:30 on Sunday Morning.

Come out and support our sister church when and as you can. If you are not in the area, remember to pray for Pastor Smith and his congregation as they reach out to their community for Christ!


If you can, as often as you can, Join in the War Room by calling in to the conference call at 8:30 Eastern time every morning.

What is the War Room? It is a place for Christians to gather to prepare for the battle of the day ahead. Don’t think you are in a battle? Read these verses: Ephesians 6:10-18.