The Women in MY Bible

We have been studying the stories in our Bible about women of faith in scripture that are not well known to us. These women were all an important part of history and should be an example for women today as well. God had plans for each and every one of them just as He has for each and every one of us! So this week I wanted to honor some very special women in MY Bible story. Let every one of you look at the women in your life in a new light and with renewed respect for their story and their walk of faith. Honor them! God be with you all and have a very blessed week!
Pastor Bob

Prayers needed for one of our own

Our Julie who manages our awesome blog. Has been in the hospital the last couple of days is very ill. I am inspired by her faith in God. As sick as she is, she tells us that whatever it is that God is allowing it for a reason. She is the third lady in my life that faced somewhat similar medical challenges( and I mean real challenges not the flu)that has showed this preacher what true faith in God looks like.
God shows us things everyday if we would just slow down and look around us.Please keep our Julie and her wonderful Husband Doug in your prayers.
Please chek us out this sunday evening during our live service yo learn more about these wonderful prayer warrios. Sunday jite at 8pm eastern time. Simply dial 774-220-4000. Conferende 84263