Faith seems a much misused word these days in our society. Much like the word Love. If you listen to just about any conversation today then you would come to believe that this 21st century world of ours is just one big love fest. In that everyone loves everyone else. If that were so then I ask you why do we have split families, jails that are overflowing, cops being shot down in the street, abortions of unborn babies, wars and rumors of wars. I could go on for hours and hours. Many people just say it is the end times and has been prophesied to happen. I agree it is prophesied, but, the Bible that I read says that there is a way to fix most of these problems. Therein lies the problem. Taking time out of this busy day that God has provided to us thru his Son Jesus Christ.

When I read our bible (I don’t like calling it THE BIBLE) it says in Romans 10:17 that Faith comes be hearing and hearing the Word of God. And in verse 18 says: The voice has gone out into all the world already.

When we read and listen to and share THE WORD OF GOD WHICH IS HIS SON JESUS CHRIST we learn faith and since Jesus Christ is LOVE then and only then we really use these two words as they were originally intended and only then fix this old world.

If you want to hear more of this lesson you are always welcome to join us live in church from wherever you may be at 8 pm Sunday evenings by just calling 774 220 4000. And when the short recording asks for your conference number simply put in 842646#. You will be live in God’s Service with all of us. Until then May God Bless and Keep You All.

Wonderful Experience of A Wandering Preacher

Since we do not have a Sunday morning service in this outreach Ministry my wife and I like to visit other churches in our area. My wife is out of town this weekend on family business and I found myself needing to be with other Christians. I visited the New Hope Church in Bowling Green, F. Florida. You can find their info elsewhere on our blog.
It was a very heartfelt and uplifting experience. Pastor Smith had told me that the crowd would be small but he never told me how big their Spirit for Our Lord was going to be! I really enjoyed praying and worshiping with them all. I certainly look forward to visiting with them again in the future.