This coming sunday evening we hope tp properly address this very question in church. It is such a hotly debated topic that it even divides some congregations.
In the Old Testament it was at times directed to be 10% of your first harvest of crops or 10% of the best of your herd. This was primarily for two reasons…Number one it was to help people to learn that God is First inour lives( or should be). And number two God could use these things to help others.
In our New Testament tithing of a sorts is mentioned several times. It doesn’ t specifically say” ten percent” however it says( matthew 6:21) that where ever your treasure lies there your heart will be also. In first Corinthians 8 paul says give back in abundance.Again tjis helps us to break from stinginess and false security and trust God to keep his word and Bless us when we trust him by giving back to him like the lady in Mark 12:41-44 who gave her last two coins into the offering box and trusted God to provide for her! Jesus taught a great lesson in these verses.
Come in tomoro nite at 8pm eastern time from wherever you might be. Simply call 774 220 4000 in the united states and when prompted simply type in conference number 842646#. You will be live in church with us. Until then May God Bless You snd Yours Abundently

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