We have all heard this so many times in our busy lives that people not only don’t pay attention to it anymore, they don’t believe they should do it in this day and time. Many times people tell me that since God knows everything he must already know they are grateful for everything that He has done in their lives. They are missing the whole point!!!!! The point is that if we don’t express how we feel towards God, then soon we begin ignoring God altogether!! Then we go deeper and deeper into those deep dark woods. We go deeper and deeper until we are at a point that we look around and find we are lost and confused on how to get back out. We need God and we need to talk to Him every day. I talk to God every day about everything.. I give thanks, I complain, I ask him why, I talk to him constantly. We should all feel comfortable talking to God about everything. I take affront with those who tell me that I shouldn’t ask questions of God. In our Bible we are told clearly to bring all things before God. Christ also says that when we talk to God we should expect an answer. Quite different than I was told while growing up. Funny thing is that when we begin to read our God Given Bible we find out lots of things that we didn’t know. Anytime you would like to learn more you can join our services live and participate live by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted simply put in conference number 842646#. You will be in live not listening to a recording. Until then MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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