Wednesday Night Bible Study is starting up again! There will be an Open Discussion Night this Wednesday February 28th at 8pm Eastern. Don’t forget to set a phone alarm!

Ladies Night is moving to Tuesday Nights starting February 22nd at 8pm Eastern. Vicki sends out reminder texts, so ladies, if you want your name on the list just let her know!

If you want to go to the Passion Play, you need to make sure Pastor Bob gets the money for your ticket by the 24th. Paypal is an option, so even if you decide at the last minute it isn’t too late! There are volunteers to pick up drivers at the local Truck stops, just give Pastor Bob a call if you need a ride.

New Phone Buddy Program, get with Pastor Bob if you want to join in! Each week you will be paired with a random phone buddy. You just send an uplifting message to your phone buddy sometime during the week to brighten their day. Pastor Bob has pointed out that our “smart” phones are awesome tools, more powerful than the computer that went with astronauts to the moon. That much potential in our hands is an awesome opportunity for Christ to use us for His Ministry!

And Finally the New Question of the Month for March was announced:
“Which Old Testament prophet was told to cut off his hair and scatter a third of it into the wind?” Get out your bibles, do some research and come up with an answer. Text it to Pastor Bob or email it to and put your name in the hat for the March Drawing! Good Luck!