Pastor Bob was unable to deliver a sermon this week due his wife’s illness. However those that called in to listen stayed and shared a time of prayer. This is a list of the prayer requests that were mentioned:
Pastor Bob and Debbie need our prayers for strength and health.
Obie asked us to pray for continued headaches he has been having.
Penny asked for prayers for her kidney which stopped working.
Penny also asked us to remember her children..Honey, Dustin and Sage.
Linda asked us to remember Charlie as he finds his way back to Christ.
Michelle mentioned her Mother in law Judy as she recovers from a stroke.
She also asked we pray for a dr visit this week to find a cause for her headaches.
Pat asked for prayers for the families involved in the South Florida shooting.
Pat also mentioned Praises for family and his job.
I ask that you pray for my husband Doug for health and job issues.
If you have any more requests or praises, or if you have an update on those already mentioned, feel free to leave a comment using the button next to the date above this list.
To God be the Praise and the Glory!