Looking Up

Every time you think God isn’t listening to you, not answering you: LOOK UP! You are looking for answers on a Physical level, look on a Spiritual level! That is where God is! He made you (that’s where you are, your physical level), but He also made Everyone around you, He made the Planet we all live on (it’s Huge!), but He also made the Sun that this Planet revolves around (it’s even Bigger!) and then, not only that, but He made the Universe, with countless Suns and countless planets (too big to even comprehend!). You are not His only creation, He does not live on your physical level, He lives on a Spiritual level. He answers in a bigger, grander way than you are looking for! He wants us to live in a Bigger, Grander way too. Look Up from your problems, see the problems of those others around you! Pray for them, be concerned about their problems. Live on a Spiritual Level, Look for answers on a Spiritual Level, be connected with others on a Spiritual Level! Then Watch your Life be Blessed on a Spiritual Level!

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