Who is this person Jesus? Who is He REALLY?
Take a minute and think about this. We claim relationship with Him, but what do we know about Him? We really don’t know what He looked like, how tall or short He was or even what he wore. We wouldn’t even know Him by sight if we passed Him on the street. But would our hearts perhaps recognize Him? How do we get to know Him better? The name of Jesus is mentioned around the world and one day the Bible says that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow. It is very important that we Know Who He Is!


We have all heard this so many times in our busy lives that people not only don’t pay attention to it anymore, they don’t believe they should do it in this day and time. Many times people tell me that since God knows everything he must already know they are grateful for everything that He has done in their lives. They are missing the whole point!!!!! The point is that if we don’t express how we feel towards God, then soon we begin ignoring God altogether!! Then we go deeper and deeper into those deep dark woods. We go deeper and deeper until we are at a point that we look around and find we are lost and confused on how to get back out. We need God and we need to talk to Him every day. I talk to God every day about everything.. I give thanks, I complain, I ask him why, I talk to him constantly. We should all feel comfortable talking to God about everything. I take affront with those who tell me that I shouldn’t ask questions of God. In our Bible we are told clearly to bring all things before God. Christ also says that when we talk to God we should expect an answer. Quite different than I was told while growing up. Funny thing is that when we begin to read our God Given Bible we find out lots of things that we didn’t know. Anytime you would like to learn more you can join our services live and participate live by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted simply put in conference number 842646#. You will be in live not listening to a recording. Until then MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Wednesday Night Bible Study is starting up again! There will be an Open Discussion Night this Wednesday February 28th at 8pm Eastern. Don’t forget to set a phone alarm!

Ladies Night is moving to Tuesday Nights starting February 22nd at 8pm Eastern. Vicki sends out reminder texts, so ladies, if you want your name on the list just let her know!

If you want to go to the Passion Play, you need to make sure Pastor Bob gets the money for your ticket by the 24th. Paypal is an option, so even if you decide at the last minute it isn’t too late! There are volunteers to pick up drivers at the local Truck stops, just give Pastor Bob a call if you need a ride.

New Phone Buddy Program, get with Pastor Bob if you want to join in! Each week you will be paired with a random phone buddy. You just send an uplifting message to your phone buddy sometime during the week to brighten their day. Pastor Bob has pointed out that our “smart” phones are awesome tools, more powerful than the computer that went with astronauts to the moon. That much potential in our hands is an awesome opportunity for Christ to use us for His Ministry!

And Finally the New Question of the Month for March was announced:
“Which Old Testament prophet was told to cut off his hair and scatter a third of it into the wind?” Get out your bibles, do some research and come up with an answer. Text it to Pastor Bob or email it to Pastorbobt4c@gmail.com and put your name in the hat for the March Drawing! Good Luck!


God is a Loving God. God Loves you, He always has and He always will. However,
God is not a Tolerant God. God Hates sin, He always has and He always will. How
God feels about you never changes. But how God feels about Sin is something else
that never changes. He gives us the choice, to love Him and turn from sin or to be
enticed by sin and to reject Him. How you choose is up to you, no matter what
popular belief is….you can’t have both. Click below to listen to Thursdays special message.


Pastor Bob was unable to deliver a sermon this week due his wife’s illness. However those that called in to listen stayed and shared a time of prayer. This is a list of the prayer requests that were mentioned:
Pastor Bob and Debbie need our prayers for strength and health.
Obie asked us to pray for continued headaches he has been having.
Penny asked for prayers for her kidney which stopped working.
Penny also asked us to remember her children..Honey, Dustin and Sage.
Linda asked us to remember Charlie as he finds his way back to Christ.
Michelle mentioned her Mother in law Judy as she recovers from a stroke.
She also asked we pray for a dr visit this week to find a cause for her headaches.
Pat asked for prayers for the families involved in the South Florida shooting.
Pat also mentioned Praises for family and his job.
I ask that you pray for my husband Doug for health and job issues.
If you have any more requests or praises, or if you have an update on those already mentioned, feel free to leave a comment using the button next to the date above this list.
To God be the Praise and the Glory!