We have such a loving God. He gives us everything that we need to be able to choose how we want to live our lives. And where we want to go after this short life here on this earth. We can choose our future destination. I, for one, choose to seek Jesus Christ. In this choice I must make a plan of travel and then work that plan. Just like when I drove an 18 wheeler around this gret land of ours. As soon as I found out where I was headed to then I sat down with my map and planned my route. In my quest to follow Jesus Christ I also sit down daily with my road map, I call it my Bible. Please click on the player below for more on this subject.


Our Ladies have some awesome bible studies each and every week they get better. We are so very proud of them. Any of you ladies are welcome to join them each and every thursday evening at 8pm eastern time live in service.Simply telephone 774 220 4000 and when prompted simply put in 842646#. You will be live in service with them. You can simply listen or join right in the discussions.