I so enjoy celebrating the real reason for this season of giving of our selves to others. ( not the commercial giving part) I mean the real giving of ourselves, like taking time to mend old relationships and friendships of old. I mean taking time out of our busy lives to sit with someone in a nursing home. Sitting with someone who may be a bit depressed during this season, or maybe someone who is lonely. The greatest human need anytime of the year is FRIENDSHIP. We may not always agree with others and we may argue all during the year over other things. But, can’t we display the love of CHRIST during this time of year and save those disagreements for next year and just be together for each other for just a little while? After all we are supposed to be celebrating CHRIST this time of year. So very many people go to church on Christmas and profess to love Christ but can’t seem to soften their hearts toward one another even for a little while!!

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