So many people have a hard time with this phrase. As a pastor I have heard so many people say that they understand it, but when I ask them to explain it to me they seem to have instantly forgotten the phrase that we are talking about. I don’t mean to put anyone down in any way. I am very sure that most people have a kind and giving heart, and they really mean well. I just find that many times we have strayed a little from the giving that God is talking about.
You see, we often times get caught up in very busy schedules and tend to give a few dollars to this place or that place without even thinking about it, then it becomes habit.
God meant to give of ourselves by giving because we want to give. not because some preacher somewhere said we should give. It is true that in our bible it says how to give to others. It actually says give of yourself. In other words we need to slow down and think first. If we really read our bible and really want to thank Jesus for all we have in our lives then we should want to share it. Please listen to tonight’s service by clicking the player below.

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