Christmas can be such a wonderful time of the year. If we truly read our bibles and learn the truth about Jesus Christ. The sad thing today is that very few people really take the time to know the true story of The Christ in our Bible. Please join us by listening to the attached recording below of our Christmas Eve Service and please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments either for or against.
If you would ever like to join us live you are always welcome to do just that. We are live each and every sunday evening at 8pm eastern time in the usa. You can be live in our services by simply listening in or joining in the discussion by simply dialing 774 220 4000 and when the recorded voice asks you to simply put in conference number 842646#. You will be live in church with other believers. May God Bless You All.


I so enjoy celebrating the real reason for this season of giving of our selves to others. ( not the commercial giving part) I mean the real giving of ourselves, like taking time to mend old relationships and friendships of old. I mean taking time out of our busy lives to sit with someone in a nursing home. Sitting with someone who may be a bit depressed during this season, or maybe someone who is lonely. The greatest human need anytime of the year is FRIENDSHIP. We may not always agree with others and we may argue all during the year over other things. But, can’t we display the love of CHRIST during this time of year and save those disagreements for next year and just be together for each other for just a little while? After all we are supposed to be celebrating CHRIST this time of year. So very many people go to church on Christmas and profess to love Christ but can’t seem to soften their hearts toward one another even for a little while!!


So many people have a hard time with this phrase. As a pastor I have heard so many people say that they understand it, but when I ask them to explain it to me they seem to have instantly forgotten the phrase that we are talking about. I don’t mean to put anyone down in any way. I am very sure that most people have a kind and giving heart, and they really mean well. I just find that many times we have strayed a little from the giving that God is talking about.
You see, we often times get caught up in very busy schedules and tend to give a few dollars to this place or that place without even thinking about it, then it becomes habit.
God meant to give of ourselves by giving because we want to give. not because some preacher somewhere said we should give. It is true that in our bible it says how to give to others. It actually says give of yourself. In other words we need to slow down and think first. If we really read our bible and really want to thank Jesus for all we have in our lives then we should want to share it. Please listen to tonight’s service by clicking the player below.


Tonight we learned to not judge people and just how easily we judge people each and everyday of our lives.  We do it without even thinking. I am so glad that Jesus didn’t judge me before judgement day comes.  I surely would have lost early on. We tend to judge people to make ourselves feel better. Tonight we learned how to be more like Christ and see everyone equally.


Tonight, just before church I went on line to many dictionaries toask the answer to this question. Many words came up as devisive. So I went to our bible and asked this question and I found it in 1st Corinthians Chapter one beginning in Verse 10. Attached below is the recording of tonight’s service on this very subject. We hope you enjoy.