The Hardest Sermon In 16 Years

Tonight I had to bring the hardest sermon in all my 16+ years that Jesus has blessed me to be Lead Pastor of this Great Ministry. Lately there has been some bickering struggling between some of our church leaders and it has driven a few members away from God’s services. Tonight I was tasked with bringing everyone back on track. It is a lesson that no Pastor ever wants to deliver. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these leaders are bad people. It normally means that somewhere along the way they have veered off course and need to be brought back into God’s fold. Every Pastor hopes that once a Ministry or Church is up and running that everything runs along smoothly. But, alas! This is why we are called Pastors or Leaders. The hard part of this kind of message is that sadly some of the people that may have strayed off course a little lose sight of their own failings and want to argue that they are right. It is very hard being a Pastor but also very rewarding. This is one of the hard times.

You  can hear a recording of tonight’s service by simply clicking on the player below. May God Bless You All

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