In today’s day and times many naysayers try to dispel our belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by saying things like Our Bible isn’t very clear on whether Christ is the Prophesied one from the Old Testament. They like to say there are so many places that the Old Testament says he will come from. True our Bible does say he will come from Nazareth, and it says he will come out of Egypt, it also says he will be born poor. Our Bible says he will be called King of Kings yet after he was born a human people were always wanting to kill him. Many say the Immaculate Conception was and is impossible, however many people back then say it really happened. Many of the history writers of their time who uphold who The True Christ is and was were not even followers of his.

There are actually hundreds of famous writers of antiquity that had reasons to speak out against Our Christ instead say he is the ONE! Sure there are many prophecies about Christ that can be called vague or easy to misunderstand but, there are many direct and to the point. If you would like to know more just click on the attached player and listen to the whole lesson. May God Bless You All.


In today’s world we get so bogged down in trying to please others that we lose our selves. True, we need to care for and help others. But sometimes we need to back up and regroup. In other words we need to recenter ourselves with our FIRST LOVE. We sometimes tend to lose ours focus on Jesus Christ.   We go to church and listen to all the great stories in our bible like all the thousands of people in the book of ACTS who came to a belief in Jesus Christ.

We often ask the question”why doesn’t this happen today? I think it is because we have fallen into a boring pattern of just memorizing these stories instead of asking ourselves how it happened. I know about the day of Pentecost and all that happened, but, it never would have happened if some people were not totally devoted to Jesus Christ before that day. If not for people being living bibles. If not for people being walking examples to the nonbelievers.

I think that we fall into the same old rut in our religious lives and forget to be living examples of the Power and Forgiveness and Saving Grace and Love of our Lord and Savior. If you would like to learn more simply click on the player below to hear our entire lesson on this Oh so very important lesson.