Today we celebrate the one event that our faith is truly based upon. The resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tonight we celebrated the baptism( happened last night at the passion play in Wauchula,Fl) of four of our members. According to Christ there is a celebration in Heaven each time someone comes home to Christ.

Tonight, we learned that Christ example of the most important thing in this life is what we leave behind. He left us an example to copy(Himself), he left us instructions( Our Bible), he left us good people to help us and he certainly left us lots of people to help along our way thru this life. But best of all He left us His Love. He is still there for us spiritually and he assigns angels to watch out for us. (Psalms chapter 91). Best of all of the things he left for us…THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!  The very means in which he talks to us and guides us. Christ sits at the right hand of God our father interceding for us daily. What an awesome Lord and Savior!!!! to learn even more simply click on the arrow below to hear our service from tonight. May Christ Bless You All.



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