Tonight we learned about just a few of the ladies that God has raised up as heroines through out history. Many times today Ladies start to feel second best or not quite good enough. Great Ladies of the bible are no talked about enough. There are so very many. Tonight I mentioned a few during our Sunday night sermon. God has raised up many, many ladies through out history to do many great deeds for him and his kingdom. Please click on the attached player below and if after listening in, you would want to join us live next Sunday evening you are always welcome in God’s Services. At 8:30 pm Eastern time simply dial 1-774-220-4000 and when prompted simply put in conference number 842646# and you can listen in or speak up and join us live.


Our ladies Thursday night bible study is growing steadily. It is each and every Thursday night at 8:30 pm eastern time. You ladies are always invited to join. you can listen in to this past Wednesday night service by clicking the player below. You can always join in the discussion on any Thursday evening by simply dialing 1-774-220-4000 and when prompted simply put in conference code 842646#. You can simply listen or join right in with the other ladies.

Wednesday night Bible Study Subject was FORGIVENESS

We just had a robust bible study finishing up our wednesday nigh series on forgiveness. We covered verses Ephesians 4:31-32, Colossians 3:13, Matthew 18:21-22, Mark 11:22, Isiah 1:18,Matthew 6:9-15, Daniel 9:9, Mark 11:25. We also covered the old prayer that asks God to not let me judge my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his or her shoes. You can  hear the whole hour by clicking on the attached player that you see next to this blog.

If you would like to join us live, you are always welcome to call in to 774 220 4000 and when prompted simply enter conference number 842646#. We meet ex

ach Wednesday and sunday evenings at 8pm eastern time in the United States. Until next time MAY OUR LORD AND SAVIOR BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL.


I am really enjoying this concept on Wednesday nights. I feel so comfortable in Wednesday night open discussion bible study< I feel like my thoughts and opinions really count.

These are just a couple of the comments that I as Pastor of Traveling 4 Christ Ministry hear on a weekly basis. Our Wednesday  night services are sometimes somewhat calm in nature and sometimes very lively. Whatever the case, they are always God filled and a fun and learning experience. We welcome one and all because this after  all God’s Church and we are all God’s Children.

You can listen in by clicking on the player below.


I as a pastor am so very proud of our wonderful ladies of T4C Ministry. Our Lord has moved on them to band together and start their own Ladies Bible Study on Thursday evenings. This last Thursday  evening they studied on how we all can become unified with God thereafter breaking our human bond with sin. They discussed 1 Cor Chp 1 where Paul taught that we should be in agreement and not be dividing up as there is only one God. They discussed patience,understanding, kindness toward one another and Most of All LOVE as Our Lord Jesus Christ is LOVE.

If you will click on the player below you can listen to the recording of this wonderful Bible Study and then if you would like to join in on any Thursday Evening you need simply call 774 220 4000 and when prompted simply put in conference number 842646#. You will be live in Ladies Bible Study.


Such a little verse and yet such a powerful verse at the same time. I often bring up this verse when talking to people and in return I hear lots of people that just don’t get it, as they say. Last night we discussed this very scripture in our Wednesday night open bible study service. The conversation was quite interesting and at the same time quite fulfilling in our spirits. I could write paragraphs here but, instead I will just invite you all to click on the attached recording below and let our Ministry Members explain it. If you would ever like to join in live you can do what we do every Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 8pm eastern time. dial 774 220 4000 when prompted simply enter conference number 842646#. You will be live in God’s service right along with us. Until then May God Bless You All.


Today we celebrate the one event that our faith is truly based upon. The resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tonight we celebrated the baptism( happened last night at the passion play in Wauchula,Fl) of four of our members. According to Christ there is a celebration in Heaven each time someone comes home to Christ.

Tonight, we learned that Christ example of the most important thing in this life is what we leave behind. He left us an example to copy(Himself), he left us instructions( Our Bible), he left us good people to help us and he certainly left us lots of people to help along our way thru this life. But best of all He left us His Love. He is still there for us spiritually and he assigns angels to watch out for us. (Psalms chapter 91). Best of all of the things he left for us…THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!  The very means in which he talks to us and guides us. Christ sits at the right hand of God our father interceding for us daily. What an awesome Lord and Savior!!!! to learn even more simply click on the arrow below to hear our service from tonight. May Christ Bless You All.




Tonight is the glorious day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The very event that our faith is truly based on. The rising from the dead of Jesus Christ. The living covenant between God and us. Tonight we learnt that what Christ left us is so important. He left us the greatest example of how we should live our daily lives. He left us instructions- Our Bible, He left  people around us to help us,  and he left us plenty of people to help. But, best of all he is still there for us even today.

Christ sits at the right hand of God and intercedes for us daily. When we follow him we can( in the name of Christ) order Satan to leave and he has to leave.  What an amazing Lord that we serve.


On this day we studied about  praying.  I know the title is AMERICA but the topic was prayer. Good Old Time Prayer. The old time on our knees with our arms in the air PRAYER. We need to be praying for this wonderful country that God has blessed us with as well as Praying for ourselves and each other. One of our associate pastors labeled this lesson as old time cornfield theology. We hope you enjoy this recording and are blessed by it.