Wednesday Night Bible Study

We had such awesome Bible study last night!! Of course< I believe every Wednesday night service is awesome.  Our Wednesday night services are totally interactive. In this I mean everyone is invited to suggest a subject then we all discuss that subject. Sometimes I bring a subject and sometimes others. We always end up discussing things that happen in our everyday lives that are examples of God’s love and care for us as related to Bible Scripture. Last night it was little four legged creatures that we call Pigs. Yes, those pigs. Maybe I should stop there and just let you listen on the attached recording. We meet each and every Wednesday night at 8 pm eastern time in he U.S.A.  You are always invited to join us by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted just enter conference room 842646#. You will be LIVE in our services where you can simply listen in or SPEAK UP and JOIN IN the conversation.

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