Tonight is the first in what I hope to be several lessons that I will be teaching on what some people sometimes refer as Obscure Characters in our Bible. These people may only be mentioned in one or two or maybe as many as 10 short verses, but they are oh so important in the overall picture of Christianity. These people as you will learn ate sometimes very colorful as well. In other words they sometimes made really big and important things happen.

Tonight we you will learn of a lady named Jochebed. This lady made such sacrifices in 10 short verses in Exodus chapter 2 verses 1 thru 10. Her name implies ” glory of Jehovah”. Some people say that God first was revealed by the name of Jehovah years later on the mountain out in the desert but apparently not. Jochebed was the first person in scripture to have a name associated with Jah-or Jehovah.

She is a daughter of Levi, the mother of Moses which puts Moses in the direct bloodline of the Levitical tribe of Priests.She was also the mother of Aaron, who went with Moses all those years later to face the Pharoah and free the Hebrew slaves from Egypt.


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