One of my favorite verses in the Bible. It says so much in so few words. GO AND SIN NO MORE. In other words I have new opportunity to get this thing called life right. I can change and dedicate my life to Christ and all my past is wiped away and I am totally a new person. I can still get to heaven.

So many lessons in a short passage from our bible.John 8:1-15. Please click on the attached player below for more. If you like what you hear please remember that you are always welcome to join us live on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8 pm eastern time or each morning at 8:30 am for prayer service or our new ladies weekly bible study Thursday nights at 8 pm. Simply dial 774 220 4000 and when prompted just enter conference number 842646#. You will be live in church with us. May God Bless Us All.


I believe our ladies plan to meet right here every thursday evening at 8pm. I have attached the recording of the class they just had on THE HOLY SPIRIT. I believe they are coming along greatly. They are new at holding class without the pastor there guiding them, but This Pastor is totally proud of all the ladies who attend and participate. They pick their own subjects and do their own research.I really enjoy listening to the recordings. Any ladies are welcome to attend if they want to. On Thursday evenings simply call 774 220 4000 when prompted just enter room number 842646#. You will be live with our ladies.


I am so proud of the Ladies of our ministry! They have gotten together and formed a Tuesday night Bible study program. Some of these ladies have grown up in a church somewhere and some are really new  Christ Followers. As you will hear in the attached recording they studied on Easter. After hearing this recording, I am so excited to watch them all fellowship and grow in Christ. 


A really big question today. All my Chaplain and Minister friends tell me that they seem to hear this question as much as I do. It is amazing how we are quick to tell our children to do as we instruct them. But when God tells us this same thing we tend to tell ourselves that we are grown up and as such we are totally able to make our own decisions! We are telling God that we don’t care what he thinks or cares. We seem to get very upset when our children tell us the same thing but never think we are doing the same thing to our Father. Our children often see us as two faced and believe this is the right thing to do. When God corrects us we cry out WHY ME WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

We had such awesome Bible study last night!! Of course< I believe every Wednesday night service is awesome.  Our Wednesday night services are totally interactive. In this I mean everyone is invited to suggest a subject then we all discuss that subject. Sometimes I bring a subject and sometimes others. We always end up discussing things that happen in our everyday lives that are examples of God’s love and care for us as related to Bible Scripture. Last night it was little four legged creatures that we call Pigs. Yes, those pigs. Maybe I should stop there and just let you listen on the attached recording. We meet each and every Wednesday night at 8 pm eastern time in he U.S.A.  You are always invited to join us by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted just enter conference room 842646#. You will be LIVE in our services where you can simply listen in or SPEAK UP and JOIN IN the conversation.


This past Sunday evening we learned how we are always asking why God doesn’t show us awesome miracles like we read about in our Bibles. We learned that GOD does indeed preform great and awesome miracles each and every day. The problem is that we as humans tend to look for miracles to come as something that we can imagine ourselves when in fact GOD is not human. He is GREATER than all of us combined! He sees the whole picture of what we need and when we need it. The solution for us to learn to see the awesome miracles that GOD preforms sounds so simple yet is is so hard for us to do.

As you will hear in the attached recording, we as a people need to learn to see GOD a little differently than many of us have always been taught to see Him and his MIGHTY WORKS. If you enjoy this recording of last Sunday Nights service then you are always welcome and invited to join us live by simply calling in live  Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm eastern time in the U.S.A. at 774 220 4000. When prompted simply enter conference room number 842646#. you will be live in our services. You will be able to participate or simply listen in, whichever you choose.


Tonight is the first in what I hope to be several lessons that I will be teaching on what some people sometimes refer as Obscure Characters in our Bible. These people may only be mentioned in one or two or maybe as many as 10 short verses, but they are oh so important in the overall picture of Christianity. These people as you will learn ate sometimes very colorful as well. In other words they sometimes made really big and important things happen.

Tonight we you will learn of a lady named Jochebed. This lady made such sacrifices in 10 short verses in Exodus chapter 2 verses 1 thru 10. Her name implies ” glory of Jehovah”. Some people say that God first was revealed by the name of Jehovah years later on the mountain out in the desert but apparently not. Jochebed was the first person in scripture to have a name associated with Jah-or Jehovah.

She is a daughter of Levi, the mother of Moses which puts Moses in the direct bloodline of the Levitical tribe of Priests.She was also the mother of Aaron, who went with Moses all those years later to face the Pharoah and free the Hebrew slaves from Egypt.


It’s All About Forgiveness…

Nov. 16, 2016 – Tonight our Bible Study was all about forgiveness.  The verses we discussed were  Colossians 3:13; Matthew 18:21-22; Mark 11:25; Isaiah 43:25-26; Hebrews 10:17; Daniel 9:9; Psalms 103:12. Some popular beliefs are that it is okay to forgive but not forget or that some things we just cannot forgive.  The Bible is clear that we are to forgive others as God forgives us. If Jesus could say on the Cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do….” and this after the long, tortuous hours prior that included the time He spent praying that God let this cup pass from him, being betrayed by Judas who had been a friend and disciple, being accused and tormented by Herod and Pilate and the High Priests who sought death penalty, being denied by another friend and disciple Peter who was afraid to acknowledge Jesus that night, the beatings and lashings and crown of thorns thrust on His head; carrying His own cross in such a weakened state that he fell and needed assistance to stand and continue the walk with His cross up the Mount of Golgotha, and watching His mother’s pain and heartache as she stayed with Him to the End; and ultimately a cry to His Father asking if He had been forsaken in the moments before He whispered “It is done…”.  He experienced a lot of things that we would find unforgivable had it happened to us. Yet, He forgave and God has forgiven us all that and much more just for the asking.  Once forgiven, your sins are forgotten by God.  You have a brand new fresh slate. Each day we face sin in our own lives or that of others.  We are born sinners and it is in our nature.  If we falter and sin, all we must do is REPENT and turn from sin and God will FORGIVE again as many times as it takes. That, my friends, is what forgiveness truly means….forgiven, forgotten, fresh slate…


As a child of God and spiritual leader I hear this so very much these days. It seems that every time something lifts us up spiritually there is always someone there to tell us we are wrong, or whatever that lifted us up is wrong and that this person knows the right way. This is the same reason that this news junkie has pretty much sworn off watching the daily news! Every news show says they are the best and most accurate! How can  everyone of them can be the most accurate and most truthful one?

In my spiritual life I am always on a quest for the God who is Love and Understanding that our Bible talks about. I read about him and pray to him and I truly believe I get answers from him concerning all aspects of my Human Life here on earth. But, in my daily encounters with other people I look for him too. My biggest problem as a church leader for God is that I am always being told that different forms of worship( different denominations) cannot get along. We are told that we should only try to convince people of other churches to leave their church and come to ours instead. We are all told that only our church will get to heaven!  This false teaching is so Spiritually draining on people that more people simply choose to walk away from God thus sometimes condemning their souls and the souls of people around them.

I believe ( from reading the same bible that all these naysayers are reading) that God wants us to talk to each other and to remember that we are all His Children!!!!! Last week my wife and I were in a Greek Orthodox Church for one of their yearly celebrations and just a couple of nights ago we were at an Anglican Church for dinner and a movie and fellowship. It is funny that we found people just like us that worship the same God, Jesus Christ and same Holy Spirit that God talks thru to us. These people were just like the people in this ministry that God has given us to worship thru. It was so heart warming to fellowship with other people from God’s Kingdom and not look at them like they might be different than us for some reason. Tonight I was just talking by phone with a dear friend fro the Menonite Faith. WE WORSHIP THE SAME GOD!!!!!

We may worship a little bit differently from each other,we may live a little bit different life styles, we may look a little different from each other but ” WE ARE ALL GOD”S CHILDREN”.  Our Bible says good people from all over this world will go to heaven as God is God of all this world. We need to start practicing boosting each other up and not trying to tear each other down so much.When someone starts putting down something that picks you up spiritually simply tell them to back off because ” MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD AND SO LONG AS I AM DOING ALL THAT I CAN TO KEEP MY EYES AND HEART CENTERED ON HIM THEN HE WILL HEAR MY PRAYERS AND HEAL ME!!!!”

All who read this are welcome to join us live in church by simply at 8pm eastern time in the u.s.a. call 774 220 4000 and when prompted just put in conference 842646#. You will be live in our service.You can either just listen in or join in the conversation. Until then MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.