Life Sometimes Throws Us A Curve Ball

Hello Everyone…It has been way too long on my part since I have written a blog on here. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we have to duck before we can swing at the next pitch. I am sure that all of you have felt this way at one point or another in your life. It has gotten that way around here lately. Yes… Even a pastor is human and can and does get bogged down from time to time. Around here lately ..It seems that Life has thrown one curve ball after another. Or as we so often say “The Devil has been doing overtime”.

The Devils only problem is that GOD AND JESUS CHRIST ARE STILL IN CONTROL!!!!!   When life hits me hard like it has been doing lately I have to back up and take a second look. I have to be patient and persevere and Keep My Faith in God. I have to keep reaching out to this small but oh so important congregation that God has entrusted me to lead.

A pastor knows that they are having hard times when they realize that people from their congregation who usually call them thru the week to check on their pastor quit calling. I find that when times are scary like now and our country’s future is so uncertain and they are so very worried about caring for their family, they have a hard time allowing themselves to believe that Pastors are Real People and have the same fears and problems.

The problem with this way of thinking is that we tend to forget to Rely on and to Call on The One who really can help us. We Pastors are the same as everyone else in God’s Kingdom. The only difference  is that we are called by God to be strong enough to also Remind all of you to keep your eye on God.

I know so many God called Pastors and Church leaders that never remind their congregations that we keep going by talking with you all and helping you more than just on Sunday for an hour. Helping you all also helps us to help our own families. It keeps us going.

All who read this are welcome to attend live church with our congregation the same way we do..on Sunday evenings at 8pm eastern time in simply call USA  774 220 4000 and when prompted just put in conference number 842646# and you will be live in church with us. You are welcome to simply listen in or speak up and join in the conversation with us. God Bless You All