On January first I spoke on how we need to die to the demands of this world and live only with Jesus Christ as the center of our lives. People are always asking to give them something they can relate to when they are trying to understand about this walking with Christ thing. I used the example of how we are always saying that the old year is dead to us and the new year is a great opportunity to start anew in our lives.

In the same way Christ says that the old you is dead to him. We are all new creatures after we give our lives over to him. We are clean and stain free, fresh as a new fallen snow, innocent as a new born baby.  We are new. No more old problems. A new life. Please click on the attached recording. May Our God Bless You All.

If you would ever want to join us live you can do what we do by simply at 8:30pm each Wednesday and Sunday evenings simply call 774 220 4000 and when prompted just put in conference number 842646#. You will belive in our services. You are always welcome.