Matthew 7:15-23, Hosea 4:6    Just a couple of verses that we covered this last wednesday night bible study. we had quite a spirited study on this subject. We learned several lessons. First we discussed in detail how to spot a false prophet and what they do. We also learned that Satan is watching our every move and trying to steer us back away from God. On wednesday night we learned how easy Satan can steer us away from learning about God into sometimes meaningless conversation. We must be ever vigilant and stay on track. We also learned about Satan can and does use other people to try and interrupt our study of God by having them to disturb someone who may be in our service, which distracts all of us. The person that is being distracted many times(like in this service forgets to mute their phone) thus changing the course of our lessons and getting us away from discussing Our Rightful God. We must be ever vigilant every day and work to minimize distractions and stay the course toward Heaven. After listening to the attached recording, you are always welcome to join in our live services wed nites at 8pm eastern time or sundays 8pm eastern time and 8:30 am daily in our live prayer room service by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted enter 842626# and you will be live in our services. You can simply listen in or speak up and join in.  May God Bless You All

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