A Short Overview of Revelations

I generally try to avoid getting too deep into teaching from the book of revelations because before you could hope to understand very much of the symbolic language used in revelations you need to go back to earlier books in and out of our bible. In many churches, before anyone will discuss revelations with you they first require you to do an in depth study of books like Daniel,Ezekiel and Isiah in our bible.There are several books from the early church that describe the same things or at lest the same kinds of things that are described in revelations. The Book of Enoch is my favorite. Although not included in our bible it is quoted by Jesus Christ and his two earthly brothers ( who wrote books in our bible). As you will find  in the attached recording a person needs to first learn about the people of that time and what they would have understood and you then will find that revelations is not exactly complicated. The only problem is that they generally wont give the time to go back and study the older books to get a good foundation before trying to tackle revelations. My prayer is that after hearing the lesson on the attached recording all of you will have a better understanding and can move forward in your studies.



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