Matthew 7:15-23, Hosea 4:6    Just a couple of verses that we covered this last wednesday night bible study. we had quite a spirited study on this subject. We learned several lessons. First we discussed in detail how to spot a false prophet and what they do. We also learned that Satan is watching our every move and trying to steer us back away from God. On wednesday night we learned how easy Satan can steer us away from learning about God into sometimes meaningless conversation. We must be ever vigilant and stay on track. We also learned about Satan can and does use other people to try and interrupt our study of God by having them to disturb someone who may be in our service, which distracts all of us. The person that is being distracted many times(like in this service forgets to mute their phone) thus changing the course of our lessons and getting us away from discussing Our Rightful God. We must be ever vigilant every day and work to minimize distractions and stay the course toward Heaven. After listening to the attached recording, you are always welcome to join in our live services wed nites at 8pm eastern time or sundays 8pm eastern time and 8:30 am daily in our live prayer room service by simply calling 774 220 4000 and when prompted enter 842626# and you will be live in our services. You can simply listen in or speak up and join in.  May God Bless You All

Christmas Gifts

As a pastor I am always challenged to find new ways to describe what and how Christmas affects each of our lives. As people come and go from and through this God Given Ministry it seems that each and every one grasps a little different part of this wonderful message of Christ our Lord, each in a little different way that fits into their life. I so love telling the old, old story of the Miraculous birth of Our Lord and Savior.

Tonight we learned about probably the greatest gift that God has given us after giving us Christ. And this gift comes with awesome responsibility. God gives us the ability to choose Him over Satan. We have great examples in our Bible, such as Esau and Obadiah. You see, Esau grew up in a great and God based family with Isaac and Rebecca as parents. He could not have had a more loving caring family, but he grew up and went bad. On the other hand Obadiah grew up among the depraved Edomites and even after converting to Judaism he lived with King Ahab and Queen Jezebel who were arguably the worst rulers that Israel ever had. And yet he chose to do good in the world and stayed faithful to God.

We can’t always control the circumstances around us but we can always control how we respond to them. For more on this, please click on the attached recording. And, as always you are welcome to join us live in church from wherever you might be by simply dialing 774 220 4000 and when prompted, simply put in conference number 842646# and you will be live in our services at 8pm eastern time Sundays and Wednesdays. Also you can join our new daily prayer service by dialing the same phone number and same conference number at 08:30 Eastern time each and every morning seven days a week.

Until next time… May Our Lord Bless and Keep You All.


War Room

If you haven’t heard the wonderful news as yet; Traveling 4 Christ Ministry now has an open Prayer Service Daily at 8:30 a.m.  You simply need to call into our church room at 774 220 4000 and enter conference number 842646#. You can ask for prayers or even add your own prayers to the group. this morning the service lasted for over an hour. Pastor Travis Godfrey leads this service. We are so excited for this new outreach service. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in anytime you can.Remember we meet seven days a week so all of you that are at work during the week can join with us on the weekend. as alway

Love and Compassion

Don’t tear down another person with your words,Instead keep the peace,and be considerate. Be ready to do what is good and considerate. Such profound words written so long ago. Listen, don’t get trapped in brainless debates. All this in Titus chapter 3 verses 1-11.

If all of us thought about these words before we joined into conversations, we would have so much more peace in our relationships with other people. We would be showing compassion and love for other people if we tried listening before we speak up. So many times we want people to be sympathetic and compassionate to us but then we tend to not think about what other people might be feeling before we judge them by their words.2 Peter chip 1verses 5-9 and Hebrews chp3 verses 12-16 also address this situation. Please listen to the attached recording for a better explanation.

A Short Overview of Revelations

I generally try to avoid getting too deep into teaching from the book of revelations because before you could hope to understand very much of the symbolic language used in revelations you need to go back to earlier books in and out of our bible. In many churches, before anyone will discuss revelations with you they first require you to do an in depth study of books like Daniel,Ezekiel and Isiah in our bible.There are several books from the early church that describe the same things or at lest the same kinds of things that are described in revelations. The Book of Enoch is my favorite. Although not included in our bible it is quoted by Jesus Christ and his two earthly brothers ( who wrote books in our bible). As you will find  in the attached recording a person needs to first learn about the people of that time and what they would have understood and you then will find that revelations is not exactly complicated. The only problem is that they generally wont give the time to go back and study the older books to get a good foundation before trying to tackle revelations. My prayer is that after hearing the lesson on the attached recording all of you will have a better understanding and can move forward in your studies.